Three new offerwall providers have been added:

Different ways to earn bits. With the surveys, special offers, or mobile apps there is something for everyone.

Also through surveys, special offers or PTC you can earn extra bits here.

Jungle Offer:
The new popular offer. With short entertaining surveys (10 questions), bits can be earned. You can do as many surveys as you want.

Also the offers of the Shortlink Provider is constantly extended. You are getting more and more opportunities to earn bits.

Lately we have more and more bots and fraudulent hits on our website. Our partners do not pay for this traffic. The result is smaller payoff amounts for all users.
We have expanded our security mechanisms and banned the first users. We will implement more extensions. If we detect bots, we will suspend the corresponding accounts.

Reminder, we do not accept VPN or Proxy connections. Our partners do not pay for this traffic either. Do not use VPN or proxy for our service. Your balance could be wiped, or the account suspended. We also reserve the right to reject widrawals.

Thanks for your support.
Best Regards Bits4Free

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